August 7, 2017

About Beacon Retiree Benefits Group

Beacon Financial Group, Inc. was founded in October of 1994 and has had a Medicare Division since 1998. In July of 2009, this Medicare Division was spun out into its own company under the name of Beacon Retiree Benefits Group. ​

​Darcy Caslin has been running the Medicare Division since inception and is the President and Owner of Beacon Retiree Benefits Group, retaining all team members from this division and all clients as well. Beacon Retiree Benefits Group services the daily needs of over 10,000 Medicare beneficiaries, many of whom are from some of Connecticut’s largest employers such as the Electric Boat Division of General Dynamics and the City of Bridgeport.

It has taken a long time but we have developed an approach and method of communication that has helped make this complicated matter interesting and easier to understand, empowering our customers to make the right decisions that are most appropriate for their health care needs. We have guided thousands of seniors, assisting them in demystifying Medicare, leading them to a greater understanding of their benefit options and the costs associated with each of the various alternatives. ​

​Towards that end, we opened an office in Plantsville, CT that is dedicated to serving the daily needs of our Medicare population. We have built and staffed the Plantsville office for the sole purpose of providing a “human resources” department for our Medicare customers who would otherwise have no one else to call for help. Let’s face it, in most cases, once you are retired and no longer part of the active benefit plan at your former employer, you are generally on your own to figure things out regarding benefits and plans that are far more complicated than any you may have had while employed or covered through a spouse.

​​By allowing us to be your guide and advocate during your decision-making process and throughout the year, you incur no expense in working with us other than the same premiums you would be paying by working directly with an insurance company. This is because the insurance companies engaged in providing Medicare alternatives recognize your need for guidance and support and the value of partnering with reputable and trained firms that improve the quality of your experience as their customers too.

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